Reflexology is a manual therapy treatment that applies sustained pressure on fine points of the feet, hands and ears. The technique has origins in countries like India and China; and many sub-varieties from around the world exists (Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia and Scandinavia etc). Reflexology at gesund is performed by a Registered Massage Therapist – licensed by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario to perform massage therapy treatments often covered by extended health insurance or tax deductible as a health care expense. Reflexology can be performed as a standalone treatment or within a regular massage therapy treatment.

The sustained pressure to specific points of the feet, hands or ears is traditionally connected to certain body organs or body systems such as the GI tract, the spine, sinuses, the heart and lungs, immune glands – among others. Post treatment, clients report a high level of relaxation and report less stress and better sleep. Reflexology is safe and effective for people of all levels of health including people with post-acute sports injuries, pregnancy, or diabetes, chronic swelling (edema) or specific problems. Your Massage Therapist will review your health history with you and you can discuss any specific concerns and adjust your treatments accordingly.

In my practice at gesund, I perform Thai style reflexology. It differs from Chinese or Indian versions with supplementing pressure that is normally used by the thumb and instead using a rosewood stick (with a smooth point). The Thai style reflexology treatment is often more specific and perfect for sore arches or swelling around the ankles. I have learned foundational Reflexology at Kikkawa College in Toronto during my Massage Therapy studies. In addition, I have added on the Thai version of Reflexology taking course work with Heath and Nicole Reed (Master practitioners of Thai Massage and Thai Acupressure in the United States.)

While the traditional theory of Reflexology holds that the treatment can be beneficial for systemic issues like digestion or headaches, western scientific studies about the practice suggest that there is a healthy effect on the parasympathetic/sympathetic  hormone balance (our “rest and digest” and “flight or fight” response to stimuli our environment). Reflexology is minimally invasive and clients report little to no soreness or pain post treatment.

Our lives are full of stress. Massage Therapy can help bring our stress hormones in our body down. Reflexology is a great add-on or stand-alone treatment to your massage therapy treatment. Lastly, since Reflexology is under a Registered Massage Therapists scope of practice you are able to make an insurance claim under your Extended Health Benefits. We at gesund offer direct insurance billing to major insurance companies. Just bring your identification card (the same card you would use for your dentist or pharmacy) and we will submit the claim on your behalf. You can book online with Jeffrey Freeman or call the clinic and request and reflexology appointment.

So go ahead and book your appointment with me online (just click here) or call our clinic at 416.913.5170 and request a reflexology treatment with myself.

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