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Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) develops natural products which are effective and safe in improving health by reducing risk of developing diseases of advancing age. NFH nutraceuticals are selected through a process of careful screening, guided by two advisory panels of world-class researchers and primary care physicians.

On the basis of the reviews by these advisory bodies, NFH Nutritional Fundamentals for Health establishes its final product line. This process sets an unprecedented standard of excellence in offering effective, safe and sought-after alternatives and adjunctives to pharmaceuticals. All products offered by NFH Nutritional Fundamentals for Health are in accordance with current regulations of Health Canada.

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Ferlow Botanicals is a 100% Canadian owned and operated family business.

Ferlow Botanicals is a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant manufacturer of quality, organic and toxin-free herbal medicinal and personal care products with a Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) site licensed facility located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In accordance with the Compact for Global Production of Safer Health & Beauty Products Ferlow Botanicals pledges that all products made by our company currently meet the standards set by the European Union Directive 76/768/EEC to be free of chemicals that are known or suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects. Products, include creams, shampoo, tinctures, nutritional oils, essential oils, medicinal oils, toothpaste, lotions, sprays, soap, extracts and bulk products.

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Nordic Naturals is a research driven company, initiating numerous clinical studies every year, while expanding a growing portfolio of processing patents. Nordic Naturals’ responsibility is to increase the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids worldwide by educating the consumers about the array of health benefits obtained from including omega-3 in our daily diet.

Nordic Naturals, Inc. manufactures all our fish oil products in Norway, where we adhere to the highest manufacturing standards guaranteeing exceptional product Purity and Freshness levels. Our quality level exceeds both the Norwegian Medicinal and European Pharmacopoeia Standards. We also adhere to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility standard, and utilize a proprietary nitrogen environment to achieve industry leading freshness levels.

Nordic Naturals’ products are molecularly distilled, utilizing the latest distillation technology and yielding positively zero trans fats. This process guarantees the removal of potential heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.), PCB, and dioxins. As an example, Nordic Naturals’ dioxin level is documented to be 0.4 particles per trillion which is estimated to be the lowest in the world. Low heat and ultra short residence time is used during the distillation process to ensure positively no damage to the oil. A final enzyme process is applied to ensure a completely repeat free (burp free) product. This is why children and teenagers of all ages love our products.

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Bioclinic Naturals is dedicated to providing evidence-based natural health products. Their unremitting commitment to quality—from raw materials through clinical testing—means that the products are pure, potent and effective, to earn and deserve the trust of clinicians and their patients.

Bioclinic Naturals offers health care professional products that are:

  • research driven and clinically proven
  • condition specific and therapeutically unique
  • laboratory tested
  • safe, pure, and effective
  • 100% natural
  • affordable without compromising quality

As part of Bioclinic Naturals program to produce the best, most effective products available, they are involved with the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine on direct testing of Bioclinic Naturals products on real patients. This commitment to clinical application further ensures that Bioclinic Naturals products offer natural solutions and clinical results.

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MediHerb’s mission is to provide superior quality efficacious products to health care professionals. Co-founded in 1986 by Associate Professor Kerry Bone, MediHerb is the first choice for health care professionals in herbal products in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

MediHerb has an outstanding team of people in Research and Development and Quality Control: over 12 scientists including three chemistry PhDs, a biochemistry PhD, three master herbalists, three chemists and a pharmacist.

Together the team has diverse industry experience in food and herbal products, university research, drug analysis in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, quality assurance, technical writing and clinical nutrition. The research group at MediHerb is committed to the development of efficacious herbal therapies. This involves three major areas of focus, which are all interconnected:

  • Formulation of efficacious herbal solutions
    to meet patient’s needs
  • Validating the efficacy of herbal formulas
    by clinical trials and in vitro research
  • Researching the phytochemistry of medicinal plants.

It is by combining phytochemical, biochemical, clinical and traditional herbal knowledge that MediHerb can continue to produce high quality products, which meet the changing needs of the market.

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