Little bit of history

Massage as a practice is as old as humanity.  It’s an instinct to “rub the pain away”.  When you were little, didn’t your banged knee fell better with a kiss and a little hands-on time from a caring person? An ice pack, a heating pad, hot or cold shower.  We instinctively use water, too, in all its’ forms, to soothe our weary selves.

Hydrotherapy, the use of water (hot, cold, ice, steam) to relieve physical discomfort and increase physical well-being, is also as old as time.  The use of water, steam, stones and aromatic massage has been documented since the first century.  There are written and oral accounts of Hot Stone Massage in China, North America, India and Africa as far back as 27 BC.  With such a long and rich history, it makes sense that this ancient practice is making a comeback, and with good reason – it works!

What is Hot Stone Massage

When a client books a Hot Stone massage for the first time, a little explanation is sometimes necessary.  We’ve all seen the pictures – a very relaxed woman with a flower behind her ear, lying on a massage table, with her head tilted towards the camera.  She looks blissful, with a line of black stones down her spine.  It looks lovely, and couldn’t be further from the service we provide.  During a Hot Stone massage at gesund, your therapist will use the stones as an extension of their hands, actually massaging your areas of complaint with the extra heat provided by the stones.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

There are several benefits to a Hot Stone massage.   Heat helps to dilate blood vessels, thereby promoting stronger circulation.  Heat helps the therapist to “sink deeper” into the tense tissue faster than with only their hands, leaving the client feeling more relaxed and in less discomfort than before treatment.  Heat also increases the “intensity” of the massage, often leaving our clients’ feeling more relaxed (even sleepier!) than a traditional Swedish massage.

Our basalt stones were hand-picked from the shores of Lake Superior.  We have curated a beautiful collection of stones of different shapes and sizes, allowing our therapists to find the perfect fit for any part of your body.  Hot Stone Massage is especially helpful in treating muscular aches and pains, stress, anxiety and tension and depression.


Why not try something new?  Treat yourself, and make an appointment for Hot Stone massage with Danielle Potvin, RMT today! We have appointments available as early as 8 am Mondays – Fridays. And as always we offer direct insurance billing to major insurance companies.


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